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Home recycling guide

Here are some actions which will help you contribute to reduce the quantity of the waste:

Reduce the consumption and waste production

  • Buy only things that you really need. When you do shopping, think carefuly if you really need all those things you want to buy
  • When you do shopping or when you travel, always use reusable fabric bags 
  • Choose products in recyclable packaging or choose the reusable products
  • Avoid products packed separately. For cooked meals you want to buy in the shop, always bring your own dishes to avoid use of plastic ones as disposable material
  • Avoid bottled water because it is more expensive and because it makes enormous quantities of the plastic waste. To work, school, kindergarten or trip, bring water in your own bottles which can be refilled. Water is healthier kept in glass or in the aluminium bottle and these bottles can be used permanently 
  • Reduce wasted paper quantity and print on both sides of the paper
  • Do not throw away things you don’t want to use any more - give them to other people
  • Put a note on your letter box that you don’t want to receive post such as advertising materials, leaflets etc. This is the way you can reduce the waste paper quantity
  • Buy non-toxic products and multi-purpose cleaning fluids to reduce dangerous waste quantity and to reduce pollution.

Check what you can recycle

Find the recycling points on the island of Krk on the map, visit the closest one and learn what can you dispose there.  
There are three types of dumpsters in the streets: yellow one for plastic and metal disposal, blue one for paper and cardboard disposal, grey one for glass disposal. Each household has two types of bins: brown for the organic waste and green for residual waste (in the historical town nucleuses, tenement houses etc. brown and green dumpsters are still in the street, usually in the common front yards).

Now, when you know what can be recycled:

  • Find a suitable place at your home or on your yard and put your bins for separated waste collection there
  • At home, put the bins into the kitchen cupboard or beside it to make them always easily accessable
  • You can find a suitable place for your bin on the balcony or on the terrace
  • You can have a look here and find an idea how to organize waste collection at home: on the balcony, in the kitchen cupboards etc. 
  • Encourage all the members of your household to think whether they can reuse or recycle things before they decide to throw them

Recycle on your door-step

There are separate collection dumpsters on several points in each street in every town on the island of Krk. Households in Krk and Punat have their own bins for residual waste disposal and for organic waste disposal. Households in all the other towns will get them by the end of this year. 
If you already dispose your waste separately and if you already recycle it, we appreciate it, if not, we ask you to start! You have all the conditions needed and all you have to show is a gesture of a good will!

  • Check the important dates
    Learn about days of the week and the waste collection: which day is for which waste collection. In all the towns waste is collected every week. Mark these days on your calendar or ask us for the timetable. There is more: all the information related to the separate waste collection can be found on our web-site.

Make recycling even easier

Here are some useful suggestions which can help you to select and recycle your waste:

  • Some objects must be washed before you dispose them for recycling. For example: glass bottles and other glass dishes. Wash them before disposal. Use water which has already been used for dish washing or vegetable washing.
  • At your home, keep all bins one close to another. This will enable you to put the organic and residual waste bins in the street for emptyng and recycle at the same time.
  • Let the separating waste collection and recycling be a part of your weekly routine. When you leave your home, dispose your waste in the proper dumpsters on the collection points in your street.